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Facts about Eqi

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Eqi — the calving glacier

The calving glacier Eqip Sermia is situated in a scenic area approximately 100 kilometres north of Ilulissat. Eqip Sermia is one of the few places in Greenland, where it is possible to sail close to the 4 kilometres long glacier front that calves several times per day. The boat which runs to Eqip Sermia takes 23 passengers and sails from Ilulissat every day. The trip has a duration of approx. 3 hours and runs through the beautiful Ataa Strait and subsequently ends with a view of the impressive glacier front.
In the period after the Second World War, the area of Eqi functioned as a starting point for the expeditions to the ice cap conducted by the French Arctic explorer Paul Emile Victor. Today his hut still stands as a memory of his many expeditions. The road that Victor constructed, which leads into the edge of the ice cap, is still very clear and in some parts almost intact.
Upon arrival the guests disembark directly from the boat onto the cliffs, as it is not possible to make a gangway due to swells from the calving glacier. The tide may cause the steps at the gangway to be somewhat steep. Further, there is a path leading up to the old French expedition hut and Café Victor. This path comes across as steep to some people but a rope has been put up in the steepest places.
Ice Camp Eqi

Ice Camp Eqi is a true pearl situated with a stunning view of the calving glacier front. The wilderness hotel consists of six huts for overnight stays. All the huts have a terrace with a view of the glacier as well as a hut which houses Café Victor. From Ice Camp Eqi it is possible to do various excursions in the area.
The huts

All huts are furnished as double rooms with beds, table, chairs, couch, a small chest of drawers and a stove running on gas. It is possible to set up an extra bed in all the huts. Additionally, the huts are equipped with duvets, pillows, linen and towels. In case of more than one overnight stay, linen and towels will not be changed.
Sanitary facilities

There is no running water in Ice Camp Eqi. In every hut and in Café Victor earth-closets are installed and the bags in them are changed every day. All the huts are equipped with a wash basin and a mirror plus two jugs of water per hut. These should be filled up with water in the kitchen in Café Victor. However, make sure to inform the staff at Ice Camp Eqi, as the content of the water tanks should be contolled. It is possible to borrow shower bags free of charge. These are to be filled with water (partly boiling) and warmed up in the sun.
Café Victor

Café Victor, the restaurant in Ice Camp Eqi, serves breakfast, lunch buffet and dinner. It is possible to buy beer, wine and candy. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available and can be consumed free of charge. Café Victor has a smal selection of games and books about Greenland that you can loan. Right outside the café, tables and benches are set out making it possible to enjoy the meals with a stunning view of the impressive glacier front.
Ice Camp Eqi and its surroundings

The view is breathtaking with the Eqi glacier reaching as far as the eye can see, whether you sit in Café Victor or outside one of the huts. The constant activity of the glacier can be seen and heard several times a day. A better location to enjoy this incredible natural phenomenon is difficult to find.
The vegetation is Arctic, which means low bushy forest stand, different Greenlandic flowers, funguses and grasses. The nature is delicate and therefore we encourage guests not to pick or gather vegetation from the area.
Trips in the area

There is a wide range of different opportunities to do hiking trips in the area around Ice Camp Eqi. If the stay is booked well in advance it is possible to to guided tours.

A one day trip to the edge of the glacier with a duration of approx. 2 ½ hours — each way
A day trip along the old French expedition trail leading into and up on the ice cap. This trip has a duration of approx. 8-9 hours in total
Additionally, the staff at Ice Camp Eqi has more suggestions to trips in the area
Practical information

Laundry services: It is not possible to do laundry, as there is no running water in Ice Camp Eqi. In Café Victor, a tap is installed in the kitchen and this is only used for cooking and bottling water.
Shopping: Café Victor is the only place to shop in the Eqi area. Here it is possible to buy soft drinks, beer and wine and different kinds of sweets.
Power admission: None
Mobile roaming and coverage: None
Mosquitoes: In the peak season there are lots of mosquitoes in Greenland — and in Eqi. Therefore, make sure to bring mosquito nets and mosquito spray for stays of a long duration
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