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Facts about Ilimanaq

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The settlement of Ilimanaq is situated south of the Kangia Icefjord. Ilimanaq is a traditional Greenlandic settlement, where the approximate 90 inhabitants live of fishing and hunting. Ilimanaq is one of the oldest settlements in Greenland and was founded approximately at the same time as Ilulissat, which was in 1741. The Danish name of the settlement is Claushavn, named after a Dutch whaler who lived in the Disko Bay in the first half of the 1700th century. From the settlement there is an amazing view of the Disko Bay and the many icebergs at the mouth of the Kangia Icefjord.
Topas co-operates with the former chairperson of Ilimanaq, which combines his main occupation - hunting and fishing with tourism.

Accommodation in Ilimanaq is arranged in two local houses, which previously belonged to the hunters of the settlement. Both houses are situated in a distance of only a 5 minutes walk from the harbour and accomodate six overnight staying guests each: Two persons per room.
Aside from sleeping facilities, the green house consists of a kitchen equipped with cooking facilities and a small living room with couches and tables. The blue house has a small kitchen but no living room. In addition, the green house has a large and well-situated terrace with chairs and a magnificent view of the fjord.
Sanitary facilities

At overnight stays a privy is available and the possibility of a simple wash. There are no bathing facilities in the houses but the public service house can be used subject to a charge. Both toilettes and showers are found here.

The settlement has street lighting and flagged paths, so it is no problem to move around in the settlement. If you move outside the settlement, no paths are found, but the terrain is easily accessible.
The area

The area of Ilimanaq offers numerous trekking possibilities. As in many other places in Greenland no trekking paths are found. It is possible to trek north to the southern bank of the Kangia Icefjord. From here there is a splendid view of the gigantic icebergs that ground at the mouth of the fjord.
An obvious alternative would be to discover Ilimanaq on your own and inhale the atmosphere of the settlement. Another option is a guided tour in the settlement, which the previous chairperson of the settlement conducts. He and his family have lived here for generations. A visit to the church can be arranged equally with the chairperson of the settlement.
Practical information

Grocery shopping: In Pilersuisoq, the local supermarket, open daily. Here you can buy the most necessary supplies.

Power admission: Both houses have power admission.

Mobile roaming and coverage: Limited. It is only possible to call or send/receive text messages if you stand in one metres distance from the antenna mast in the settlement, which is placed on one of the surrounding hills. Some of the inhabitants in the settlement have a fixed phone.

Laundry service: In the green house for overnight stays it is possible to do laundry, but the guests are encouraged to limited use of the washing machine. In addition, the service house offers laundry service subject to a charge.
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