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Ref. Map of Greenland
Greenland is the world’s largest island of 810,810 square miles, which is the same as France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Belgium put together. It boasts the Northern Hemisphere’s largest ice sheet 694,981 square miles, which covers 85 percent of Greenlands total area. All towns and settlements of Greenland are situated along the ice-free coast, with the population being concentrated along the west coast.

Icebergs and the inland ice are probably the most famous aspects of the Greenlandic nature - and with good reason. However, Greenland is much more with green mountains with beautiful wild flowers, long fiords, steep cliffs, hot springs, blue skies and an exceptional wildlife with whales, seals, reindeer, musk oxen, polar bears, just to mention a few. Alone about 20 whale species are found in Greenland and many of these can be seen along Greenlands coasts.
Whale watching, a trip by dogsled and hiking in the magnificent Greenlandic nature are among the unforgettable outdoor activities that Greenland has to offer. Add to this the magnificence of Greenlands scenery, the midnight sun and northern lights — both absolutely unique natural phenomena.

The Greenland climate is arctic to sub-arctic, but the distance
between north and south means that there are tremendous differences in temperature and climate. Due to the dry air, the cool summers feel surprisingly comfortable. In general, summer temperatures are highest inland and coolest along the coasts. But you will be surprised to know that warm + 70 F days are not uncommon during the summer!

Culturally, Greenland is characterised by the extreme conditions the population has lived under. The Inuits in Greenland have been dependent on natures resources in the form of fish, birds, land mammals and marine mammals. Hunting and fishing have therefore always been a question of survival. Greenland is no longer a major hunting society, but the hunting traditions are still maintained throughout the country. Thus, the cultural roots are strong leaving traces in the culture of today in all areas.
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Map of Greenland

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