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Topas Adventure Travel - Booking Conditions

Topas Travel operates in accordance with the below travel conditions. It is your own responsibility to read and accept these conditions prior to departure. Further, you are obliged to read and print any relevant information as well as tickets in connection with your trip.
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It is possible to book your trip through our website www.go2greenland.com. You will be charged a booking supplement of DKK 145. Please note that you need to access the internet to receive your travel departure information as well as to print your ticket. By typing your personal data as well as paying in the deposit and any cancellation insurance by credit card, your booking will subsequently be confirmed by means of a mail submitted to you from Topas containing a link and a password giving you access to your personal site "My Topas Trip". The first stated person in relation to the booking is regarded as the customer to whom all correspondance concerning the trip will be submitted. All relevant information in relation to your trip (invoice, itinerary, a list of what to bring, departure information and tickets etc.) will be posted at your personal site "My Topas Trip" at www.go2greenland.com. Thus, you need to print this information yourself as documentation of your trip. Please remember to inform Topas of any changes to your email address up til departing for your trip. Flight tickets will also be available at the site "My Topas Trip" approx. 10 days prior to your departure. IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO PRINT YOUR FLIGHT TICKETS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE.
Any individual flight arrangements or prolongation of your trip, which cannot be arranged through www.go2greenland.com, will be arranged by contacting Topas Travel by phone. Any additional invoice in relation to this will be uploaded at the specific site "My Topas Trip". Any additional arrangement or purchase will not be added a booking supplement.
Booking Supplement

DKK 145 each booking.
It is possible for up to 4 persons to be on the same booking.
Booking by phone is not possible.
Cancellation Insurance

Prior to making your booking, we kindly ask you to consider whether you want to take out a cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance should be taken out simultaneously with purchasing your trip and paid together with the deposit. Thus, the cancellation insurance cannot be cancelled or purchased subsequent to paying the deposit.
The price of the trip

The price of the trip comprises, if not stated otherwise, transport, airport tax (unless otherwise stated in the itinerary), passenger fee (unless otherwise stated in the itinerary), contribution to the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, accommodation and tourleader. Please also check your specific itinerary in relation to additional services included in the price of your specific trip. Information in relation to food and additional services is stated in the itinerary in the sectíon "The price of the trip includes". Supplement in relation to single rooms may occur. Please also check the section describing "if you travel alone". By booking the trip less than 60 days prior to departure an increased price on flight tickets may occur.
Early bookings - cheap bookings!

Early bookings leave us with the best chances of achieving well planned tours, good agreements with our partners abroad at our destinations as well as the best prices on flight tickets.

Consequently it pays for our guests to book a trip well in advance. An early booking always guarantees the best price according to first-come, first-served practice.
Discounts in Newsletter “Topas Tidende and on Topas Facebook

If you are subscribed to our newsletter “Topas Tidende"l or our Facebook group, you will regularly receive offers and trips with discount.

The discount is only given on the announced departures. The offer is only valid until the date stated, with reservations that the trip may be sold out before that date.

Any remaining seats are sold at regular price. Booking can only be made through our website. If the trip is sold out, the 10 subsequent bookings will be written on the waiting list. Booking will be made on a "first serve — first come" basis.

Have you already booked the departure announced with discount via Topas Tidende / Facebook, you will of course get the discount as well. The discount will be credited to the bookings already made on the trip.
Book the trip of your dreams as early as possible.

Please note: These discounts can not be combined with other discounts.

We accept credit cards; Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron, Mastercard and JCB. By payment with credit card a fee of 1.47% of the total trip price will be charged to your credit card. There are no cancellation rights as to the means of payment.
Deposit and final payment

The deposit payment:

Under DKK 10.000 (1.370 EURO) = DKK 1.500 (205 EURO)
DKK 10.000 - 20.000 (1.370 - 2.740 EURO) = DKK 3.000 (410 EURO)
DKK 20.000 - 35.000 (2.740 - 4.795 EURO) = DKK 5.000 (685 EURO)
More than 35.000 (4.795 EURO) = DKK 10.000 (1.370 EURO)

The final payment is due 60 days prior to departure.
When paying the deposit you also confirm that you have read and accepted the travel terms and conditions along with the enclosed general conditions of the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators which are applicable unless otherwise stated.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to check that all the information listed on your personal site “My Topas Trip" such as name, destination, date and departure airport is correct. Any disagreements between the desired and ordered MUST be notified Topas immediately and no later than 3 business days after the confirmation is made from Topas.
Cancellation Rules

Those who cancel the trip more than 60 days prior to departure will forfeit their deposit. Those who cancel the trip between 60 and 45 days prior to departure will forfeit 50% of the total cost. Those who cancel within 45 days of the departure date will forfeit the total cost of the trip.
Minimum number of guests on a trip

We require a minimum number of guests per trip in order to carry out the trip. Due to lack of sold trips and participants we have the right to cancel a trip 30 days prior to departure free of responsibility. Although around 90% of our trips are sold out in due time prior to the departure date.
Rules and regulation in connection with cancellation of a trip

A trip might be cancelled due to unpredictable or outer circumstances which cannot be attached to Topas Travel. In case of such circumstances you have the right to be reimbursed the total paid in amount for the trip without any further compensation.
Cancellation of Additional Purchase

DKK 250
This applies to visa, room supplement, cancellation insurance, bike rental and connection/prolongation of flights etc. if possible and no later than 60 days prior to departure.
Transfer of Trip - Date or Destination - Name change

DKK 600 per person.
It is only possible up to 90 days prior to departure.
At purchase of cancellation insurance this will be lost and must be purchased again for the new trip.
The already paid deposit will be transferred to your new trip.
When booking the new trip you will further need to pay a new deposit.
Please note! When transferring the trip, you will pay the price of the new trip.

If you have had yor flight schedule changed (new departure date og the like), it is NOT possible to make a transfer of trip.
Correction of name on the flight tickets after its issue

DKK 950 each ticket
Single Room Supplement

If you travel alone, you will generally share a double room with another companion of the same sex who is also traveling alone.

However, on most of our trips, it is possible to purchase a single room at an additional price. The specific supplement is indicated in the section "Not included"" on the day to day program for the journey in question.

If you book a single room, you should be aware that we in general use smal, often family owned / run hotels on our trips. Typically it is these hotels that meet our aspirations concerning location, ambience, intimacy and a direct and effective communication with the place. When it comes to the rooms at these places, they are often very varied. This applies to size, interior decoration, view (sea, backyard, mountains, neighboring houses, etc.), balcony / no balcony etc. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to differentiate the rooms of these parameters. Since the use of the room is mainly to sleep in/ shower in on our trips, this normally causes no problems.

When you buy a single room on a Topas trip, you pay to have the room on your own. You do not pay for better rooms and better views, etc.
Travel plan

The travel plan for your specific trip will be posted at your personal site "My Topas Trip" within 30 days prior to departure. In case of booking more than 30 days prior to departure you should be aware of possible changes to your flight plan.
E-mail and SMS service

When carrying out a booking of any Topas trip and informing us about your email address, you will automatically receive notifications as to payment and when new information has been posted at your personal site "My Topas Trip". Equally you might choose to get this information as an sms service. When carrying out a booking of a Topas trip you will also get subscribed to our newsletter. The newsletter will be submitted to you automatically unless you choose to end this service.

Notifications sent to you by mail (and sms if required) will take place according to the following plan:

Concerning booking and payment of deposit: Email (and sms if required) will be submitted with a link and a password to your personal site "My Topas Trip".
62 days prior to departure: Email (and sms if required) will be submitted with a notification stating the due date of final payment (due date of payment is 60 days prior to departure).
30 days prior to departure: The travel plan and any other information in relation to the departure will be posted at your personal site "My Topas Trip".
10 days prior to departure: List of participants for the trip will be accessible. Flight tickets may only be printed if the full payment of the trip has been carried out.

In case you have stated your email address or cell phone number to be used when submitting notifications and reminders and posting information at your personal site "My Topas Trip", it is your own responsibility to inform us about any changes to your email address or phone number.
Passport, visa and vaccination

It is important that you check your passport, vaccinations and other formalities prior to departure. When travelling to Greenland, you should be aware that the same rules as to entering and travelling to Denmark apply. In case of any uncertainty in relation to this, please check with your national authorities. Please note that there are no required vaccinations as to travelling to Greenland.
Requirements to the traveller

It is your own responsibility as a traveller to keep all formalities in relation to you trip in order making you comply with the requirements of the country you are travelling to. This means that it is your responsibility to bring a valid passport, a visa, if necessary, as well as the vaccinations needed for the specific country you are travelling to. Please also note that it is your responsibilty to inform Topas Travel of your name spelled correctly when carrying out the booking. The name stated in your passport must be equivalent to the name stated on your booking as well as on your invoice. Any costs in relation to issuing a new flight ticket will be charged to the traveller.
Topas Travel offers trips with an active agenda. Thus, it is important that you understand our grading system (please see more at www.topas.dk) and that the trip you will be participating in corresponds to your physical condition.
It is your own responsibility to log into the site "My Topas Trip" to get the relevant travel information and to print your flight tickets prior to departure.
Everyone travelling with Topas should have a valid travel insurance which covers hospital stay and return transportation in case of an emergency situation, as a minimum. It is NOT possible to participate in a Topas Travel trip without valid travel insurance.
Age restriction

Our participants are usually between 18 and 70 years. We sometimes dispense from this rule, however it requires a request to our office. We wish to have a dialogue on what the desired trip is about and what previous hiking experience you may have - please call us ...
Price increase

The price of the trip is based on valid rates, taxes, fees and currency rates. Thus, Topas Travel maintains the right to alter the prices up to 20 days prior to departure if they are based on alterations in transportation costs (e.g. increase in fuel prices), taxes and fees (e.g. airport, take-off or taxi) or currency rates, which all determine the price of the trip.
This means that if the airport tax increases with DKK 100 the price of the trip will increase correspondingly. A similar calculation will be carried out in case of a drop in taxes, fees and prices.
If the price is increased with more than 10% the customer is entitled to cancel the trip and get reimbursed with the paid in amount of the trip. However, this is based on the condition that Topas Travel receives the cancellation immediately upon the customer receiving information about the increase in price. If taxes and fees etc. assessed to Topas Travel directly and which form part of the trip price are lowered or lapse prior to departure, Topas Travel is obliged to compensate the customer with the saved amount in case it exceeds DKK 100.
The customer must be informed of any increase in prices as soon as possible and no later than 20 days prior to departure
Compensation Conditions

Topas limits its compensation obligations to those laid down as follows; for air transport — the Warsaw convention, for sea transport — the Athens convention and for rail transport — the COTIF/CIV convention.
The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

Topas Travel is a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (member 899) as well as the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators and the Complaints Board for Package Tours.

Possible complaints must be made known to the tour leader during the trip. A written complaint must be sent within 3 weeks of the end of the trip. All claims against Topas will be dealt with according to Danish law. Claims that cannot be dealt with by the ´Rejseankenævn´ (Danish travel claims court) will be dealt with by ´Sø- og Handelsretten` under Danish law. As a member of ´Danmarks Rejsebureau Forening` ( Danish Travel agents Union ) the decision of the ´Rejseankenævne`is final.
Errors or discrepancies

If you encounter any errors or discrepancies in relation to your invoice, please contact Topas Travel immediately. Topas Travel makes certain reservations in relation to any printing errors, computer break down and/or errors in exchange of data between the booking system and the web are, which might occur.
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